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The fight to end modern slavery continues.
We can, and must, do more.


Too often, the onus of eliminating modern slavery is placed only on the countries where the crime is perpetrated. They certainly have a responsibility, but they are not alone in this regard.

An atrocity as large and pervasive as modern slavery requires a united, global response.

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Unravel the numbers of modern slavery yourself


Navigate the Global Slavery Index maps and data sets covering prevalence, vulnerability, and government response in full detail.


Also, in addition to examining where modern slavery is perpetrated, this edition exposes where the products of crime are sold and consumed. The importing risk maps show the top five at-risk products imported by G20 countries.

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Global Findings


Explore the 2018 global findings, which provides data on the number of people in modern slavery, the factors that make people vulnerable, and government responses for 167 countries.Seta Blu Hawk Gold Pantaloni Mcglpnp000005026e Donna

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Understand how all components of the 2018 Global Slavery Index were developed, including the updated prevalence methodology and our analysis of G20 countries’ at-risk imports.

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Supply chains


Discover which products in global supply chains are at risk of being produced by modern slavery and delve into our detailed analysis of the cocoa and fishing industries.

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Governments, businesses and consumers must do more.


Help unravel modern slavery by downloading the 2018 report here.

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“Fashion identified as one of five key industries implicated in modern slavery”

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“North Korea has 2.6 million ‘modern slaves,’ new report estimates”

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“One in Ten People in North Korea are ‘Modern Slaves,’ Report Says”

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“North Korea, Eritrea have world’s highest rates of modern slavery: report”

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“Supply chains based on modern slavery may reach into the West”


“Over 400,000 people living in ‘modern slavery’ in US, report finds”

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“Conflict and breakdown in law and order drive scourge of modern slavery”

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“Modern-day slavery a growing problem in wealthy countries: report”

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“Report Finds Surprisingly High Rate of Slavery in Developed Countries”

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How can business become more accountable for slavery in their supply chains?

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“Wo der Handel mit Sklaven boomt” (Where the trade in slaves is booming)

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“En el mundo hay 40,3 millones de esclavos modernos: EE.UU. y Venezuela, casos preocupantes”

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Our founder Grace Forrest with Yeonmi Park, joining forces at the GSI 2018 launch

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“Davina Durgana Is Fighting Human Trafficking With The Skill You’d Least Expect”

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